The Progressive Leadership working group is focused on getting progressive candidates elected at all levels of government. However, an election victory is not the ultimate goal - once in office we collaborate with elected officials to ensure meaningful policies are passed and precedents are defended in accordance with our overall agenda.

Specific Efforts

  • Federal seats – Senate, House
  • State seats – State Officers, State Senate, State House
  • Local Boards and Committees
  • Judges
  • Home turf and out-of-district
  • Particular work towards a more representative government, meaning support for candidates from underrepresented demographics: women, blacks, latinax, veterans, etc.

Upcoming Races

  • Andover Local Election - March 2019
  • Special elections (leftover from the midterms, e.g. NC)
  • Prep for 2020 - Presidential, Senate, House


  • Attend Meet the Candidates events, debates
  • Support a specific campaign – Canvass, Post-carding, Text banking, Phone banking, Sign holding, Letters to the Editor, Donate $
  • Candidate vetting criteria, endorsements
  • Prioritizing out-of-district efforts

Groups to Collaborate With

  • Swing Left
  • Sister District
  • Brand New Congress
  • Flippable
  • Our Revolution (MA), Flip Massachusetts
  • Minuteman Indivisible (Lexington), Progressive MA
  • ADTC, Mass Dems

If you are interested in joining the Progressive Leadership working group, please contact us.