The Progressive Leadership working group is focused on getting progressive candidates elected at all levels of government. However, an election victory is not the ultimate goal - once in office we collaborate with elected officials to ensure meaningful policies are passed and precedents are defended in accordance with our overall agenda.

Specific Efforts

  • Federal seats – Senate, House
  • State seats – State Officers, State Senate, State House
  • Local Boards and Committees
  • Judges
  • Home turf and out-of-district
  • Particular work towards a more representative government, meaning support for candidates from underrepresented demographics: women, blacks, latinax, veterans, etc.

Upcoming Races

  • Local Town Elections - Spring 2020
  • Special and off-year Elections - 2019 and 2020
  • Prep for 2020 - Presidential, Senate, House and state elections


  • Attend meet the candidates events, debates
  • Relay opportunities for members to support a specific campaign – canvass, post-carding, text banking, phone banking, sign holding, letters to the editor, donate $
  • Relay opportunities for members to help out-of-district/state efforts
  • Voter registration
  • Lobbying at State House and Town Halls with Congressional Representatives

Groups to Collaborate With

If you are interested in joining the Progressive Leadership working group, please contact us.