The Healthcare working group is focused on the access and affordability of healthcare systems and programs, how healthcare is made available to the population and how it should be financed by government, private enterprise, or both.

Specific Issues

  • Medicare, Medicaid
  • Women’s Health - reproductive rights, access to birth control
  • Domestic Violence, Rape
  • Mental Health
  • Work Requirements
  • Vaccinations

Upcoming Legislation

  • Defend ACA
  • Medicare for All
  • Defend Roe v Wade as settled Supreme Court precedent
  • Nurse ratios, e.g. 2018 “Yes on 1” ballot question


  • Hold elected officials accountable
  • Lobby Days – e.g. Sexual Health Lobby Day (Jan 2019)

Groups to Collaborate With

  • Harvard Medicine Indivisible
  • Healthcare for All – MA
  • Protect Our Care
  • Planned Parenthood, NARAL
  • Voter Pro Choice

If you are interested in joining the Healthcare working group, please contact us.