The Environmental Working Group (EWG) is focused on the existential threat of climate change. Our efforts support town-wide renewable energy and sustainability initiatives, bold and progressive climate change legislation, and get out the vote campaigns that target environmental voters. We also seek ways for local activists to promote The Green New Deal and encourage elected officials to make Massachusetts a national leader in carbon emissions reduction, green infrastructure and environmental justice policy.

Upcoming Legislation and Efforts

  • Green New Deal (Federal)
  • 100% renewable energy (State)
  • Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) (Local)
  • Sustainability planning and implementation (Local)


  • Propose and support local initiatives, e.g., sustainability coordinator, CCA
  • Lobby elected officials and demand support for bold climate change legislation
  • Educate community about climate change and ways to address it locally
  • Engage in activities designed to raise awareness about impacts of climate change
  • Encourage environmentalists to become consistent voters

Groups to Collaborate With

If you are interested in joining the Environment working group, please contact us.