The Environment working group is focused on a broad swath of issues that include reversing climate change, renewable energy and protection of vital resources such as clean air and drinkable water.

Specific Efforts

  • Climate change - prevention and recovery
  • Renewable energy
  • Drinkable water
  • Clean air

Upcoming Legislation and Efforts

  • Green New Deal (Federal)
  • Re-join Paris Agreement (Global)
  • Defend national parks from drilling/logging
  • Puerto Rico - recovery from Hurricane Maria
  • Flint water
  • Merrimack river and raw sewage (Local)
  • Seabrook nuclear plant license (Local)


  • Pressure elected officials to protect the environment (defend existing protections, propose new legislation, vote for change)
  • Propose and support local initiatives, e.g. plastic bag ban
  • Community service
  • Go outside

Groups to Collaborate With

  • AVIS, Andover Trails Committee (Local)
  • Merrimack Valley People for Peace
  • Environmental League of Massachusetts
  • The Mass Nature Conservancy
  • Sierra Club
  • Climate Progress
  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
  • League of Conservation Voters

If you are interested in joining the Environment working group, please contact us.