Efforts to guarantee that every eligible individual is able to vote and that no one’s vote is stolen or diluted. Ultimate goal is a government of elected officials who reflect the demographics and will of their constituencies.

Specific Efforts

  • Representative Gov’t
  • Money in Politics
  • Voter Suppression
  • Gerrymandering
  • Census Oversight

Upcoming Legislation

  • HR-1 – House Dems anti-corruption bill (Fed)
  • Fair Voting Rights Act – get reinstated (Fed)
  • Automatic Voter Registration (MA, done)
  • Ranked Choice Voting
  • Repeal Citizens United, e.g. 2018 “Yes on 2” ballot question
  • Census 2020 – questions about citizenship, LGBTQ
  • Interstate crosscheck (data sharing)


  • Get elected officials to protect elections, propose legislation, vote for change
  • Volunteer as a poll watcher
  • Hold signs before primaries and election days

Groups to Collaborate With

  • Lift + Every + Vote (Joyce Hackett)
  • Common Cause
  • MA Voter Table, Mass Vote
  • DLCC - Dem Legislative Campaign Comm
  • American Promise

If you are interested in joining the Election Integrity working group, please contact us.