Our chapter

  • The presentation from our January meeting that provides a complete list of the issues that were included in our Prioritization Survey. (Please note that this content is a work-in-progress.)
  • 2019 Mission Overview

Resources we used to shape our agenda

Indivisible National

  • Indivisible National has tapped in to their experience and resources to pull together some incredibly informative documents on what the next phase of the Blue Wave should look like. They are somewhat long, but worth it.
  • Indivisible on Offense - Overview
  • Federal Guide - Plan for House of Reps
  • State Guide - Plan for State Legislatures

Women’s Agenda

  • The same organization responsible for the annual Women’s March has compiled a document called “The Women’s Agenda”. It is meant to be a tangible declaration of how we can protect and defend our rights, safety, health and communities. Our Agenda will serve as a work plan to Congress and will create the roadmap we will use to mobilize our constituents into 2020 and beyond.
  • Read the Women’s Agenda.

Progressive MA Platform of Issues

  • Progressive Massachusetts is focused on advocating for progressive policy at the state level here in Mass.
  • Their Mission: “We believe in a Massachusetts where social, racial, and economic justice; environmental sustainability; health care as a right; equal access to quality public services; respect for all residents; and accountable and transparent government are given top priority. And we work to make that vision a reality.”
  • Read the Progressive MA Platform