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There are dozens of ways to get engaged. The list below will connect you to resources so that you can make an impact in a way that aligns with your priorities, personality and schedule.


Visit an Elected Official

Our federal congressmen hold Town Halls when they are not in DC, and our State congressmen hold Office Hours. Both are a great opportunit...

Postcards to Voters - every Wed

Why postcard? It’s surprisingly effective - the key is the personalization It’s social! If you do it in groups, but You can do it ...

Text-banking - every other Tuesday

Why text bank? You can do it from any device It’s confidential - they don’t get your number and you don’t get theirs It’s FAST! Yo...

Demonstrate - every Saturday

Please come join us on the corner of routes 133 and 28 in Andover, Shawsheen corner right near Brickstone plaza. We will be there every ...


Any day you’re booked solid (or maybe just exhausted) and therefore can’t ACT, you can contribute to a worthy blue wave cause of your cho...

Register to Vote

One of our biggest successes prior to the midterms was driving voter turnout. We will continue efforts on this front, locally and out-of-...
Suggest an Action

Have an idea for an action? Want Greater Andover Indivisible to promote it?

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